Friday, October 15, 2010

Babulya Shura's 80th birthday

This October we went to Maryland to visit Grandmom and Pop Pop and to celebrate Babulya Shura's 80th birthday.

Here are the pictures

Apple picking and other stuff

This september we went apple picking at Shelburn Farm with many families from ITA.  Sammy was in apple heaven.  She picked a huge bag of apples, quality assured them by biting into every 5th one, ate cider doughnuts, and introduced Sasha to everyone.

All september pictures (including Sammy with Sasha, Red Riding Hood costume, and Sammy with Sophia)

I also wanted to add a few of Sammy's cute phrases. Before you know it, she'll learn to say them correctly and it won't be any fun.
after morning = yesterday
I not knows = I don't know
box = Bach (referring to music in Daddy's car)
kak tebya popit' = shto ti hochesh pit' = what do you want to drink
every day = always

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Princess

Our little Sammy is not so little anymore.  Last week, she turned 3 and we had a fabulous party. Babulya, Dedulya, Babulya Shura, Grandpa, and Nana all came to visit.  And Sophia, Sophie, Miles, and Mia came to help us celebrate, splash in the pool, blow bubbles, decorate party hats, and eat cake.

We have lots of pictures and videos of the event.

There is so much we wish you, our dear little girl (oops, sorry -- you are a "big goyle" now).  Be happy, and healthy, have many good friends, be loved and loving.