Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh say can you say?

New pictures (play dough magic, making soup, changing baby's diaper)

What a winter it's been! After never ending open houses, we finally found our new home. Sammy came to the inspection and gave us her seal of approval by taking a nice long nap in the new house. More about the house later. What I really wanted to write about is that our kiddo is talking. She's been saying so many new words that I want to capture them all before I forget what they were. Some of them require a translation from Samanthese to English.

English words:

  • "Mantha" -- Samantha
  • "Biyaba, biyaba, biya-biyaba" -- Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
  • "Wizi" -- Kiwi
  • "Kaka" -- cracker
  • "Ea" - eat
  • "Abaka" -- Aquaphore
  • Apple
  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Teeth
  • Shoes, Hat
  • Tree
  • Snow (pronounced as "no")
  • Water
  • Paccy
  • Me too!

Russian words:

  • "Dulya" -- Dedulya (Grandpa), also used to refer to Grandma
  • "Baba" -- Babushka (Grandma)
  • Apelsin -- Orange
  • Nozh -- Knife
  • Oblako -- Cloud
  • Kukla -- Doll
  • Peet' - Drink
  • Voda -- Water
  • Palka -- stick
  • Krug, romb, oval -- Circle, diamond, oval

We've been playing with play dough and painting a lot too.