Monday, March 31, 2008

March pictures and Easter

Hey, come check out my new pictures.

Zia Gaia and Zio Jerome came over for an Easter brunch. Look at me -- I am eating like a big girl :) I even tried some of Zia Gaia's chicken liver pate. Yum! How come they don't sell it in jars like baby food?

We also started going to Belmont Library for sing alongs and reading books. We meet our friends Sasha and Dima there and then go to their place to play with all kinds of cool toys.

I also helped Daddy do the taxes. See -- I am eating away the national debt.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Trip to the Berkshires

In the middle of February, 2008, we took Sammy on her first vacation, and a great time was had by all. We rented our favorite house in Becket for a week and invited Babulya i Dedulya to join us.

Look at me! I am the biggest person in the room :)

While Mommy and Daddy went skiing, I got to hang out with Babulya i Dedulya.

We read books, played with caterpillars and elephants, and I even helped to make lunch for Mommy and Daddy.

Here is a baby food celebrity, Samantha Rennie, taking questions from the audience on proper puréeing techniques. "You have to make sure your avocados are very soft with black skins," she says. "It's all about the quality of produce, you know."

Cuddling with Mommy by the fireplace on a snowy day.

Mmm -- what a great trip!

More pictures from Becket

Shhh -- no talking in the library

Sammy was playing on the floor in her room while I was in the kitchen. Suddenly, it got quiet... After a few minutes, I got suspicious and went to check it out. Turns out we were reading! And not just one of those cloth books for babies. We were reading a real paper book that Mommy forgot to pick up off the floor. Of course, we had to delve deep into this literary work by chewing on the pages. Luckily, we only chewed our way through one page by the time Mommy rescued the book.

By the way, you see how Sammy is holding the book correctly? That's not posed. That's how I found her. It was so cute I ran for the camera.

Guess what we have?

Friday, February 29, 2008

I was kneading pasta dough for that night's cooking class, when my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller id and my heart sank. It was Sophie, Sammy's teacher. The reason she usually calls me in the middle of the day is to tell me that Sammy is sick. The first thing Sophie said when I picked up the phone was, "Helen, don't worry." "Is everything ok?" I asked nervously. "Guess what we have?" said Sophie.

Could it be? Is it finally here? After 2 weeks of sleepless nights and almost gnawing a hole in our rubber bib, our first tooth came. "Yay!!!" I don't know why, but I was terribly excited. Not that Sammy can really chew anything yet, but it means that she is one baby step closer to being a big girl and joining us for our regular meals. It also means that the teeth won't be torturing her as much (though it's probably just my wishful thinking to get those lovely uninterrupted nights of sleep back).

So where is the tooth in the picture, you say? To tell you the truth, it's been 3 days and I still haven't seen it. I felt it with my finger and you can hear cling-cling when feeding Sammy with a metal spoon, but it's so small at this point that it's hard to see. From what it feels like, I think it's not just one, but two teeth that broke the skin already :)

Everything is moving so fast. For months, we didn't want to lie on our tummy, or hold our head, or sit, and all of a sudden -- bum! We are sitting on our own, we are crawling (though backwards like a lobster ;), we are eating chunky stuff, we are clapping our hands, we are even standing with support, and now we have a tooth! How did all this happen so fast?