Monday, June 16, 2008

We are on the move...

Hey, don't look at me -- it's not my fault this blog has not been updated. I keep trying to crawl out of my room and start blogging, but Mommy puts up this annoying gate to keep me in my room.

We are 11 months old and life has been getting busier and busier. We are crawling, standing, pulling ourselves up, growing a ton of teeth (we have 6 now), and reading. Our favorite book is about a little hungry caterpillar.

We also like to help around the house. While Mommy was doing dishes in the kitchen, I thought I'll make her a surprise and clean up my room. Good thing I found the paper towels.

I was giving Grandma and Grandpa a tour of Boston while Mommy and Daddy went to Montreal on their anniversary. It was so much fun! I took them everywhere -- restaurants, playgrounds, parks...

I love it when Dima and Sasha come to play. Dima shows me how to get around the child-proofing things Mommy and Daddy installed to keep us from the real fun stuff. Pst -- quick, come here. I highly recommend my Mommy's slippers. The straps make excellent teethers. But we have to be quick, or Mom will take them away.

Sasha reminds us that legal toys can be fun too. See -- we are playing so nicely with our bunnies and bears. And we don't forget to drink. Not always from our own cups, though.