Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Christmas, Ski Trip, and Half Birthday

Happy Half Birthday to you!
Happy Half Birthday to you!
Happy Half Birthday, dear Sammy!
Happy Half Birthday to you!

The new pictures are up. I know, I know -- too many. But if I had to do more proper pruning, cropping, etc., they'd get posted by Samantha's 12th birthday. Here are some highlights.

We had a huge snow storm in Dec. 07 and took Sammy on her first skiing trip to Great Brook Farm.

We put up a Christmas tree (Sammy's first) and had a quiet little Christmas at home with Zia Gaia and Zio Jerome.

Santa brought me a Mama rubber ducky and a baby rubber duckling, so now I can swim in great company.

Babulya came to visit and we had a blast while Mommy and Daddy went to Kevin and Meghan's wedding. Shh, don't tell anyone what we've been up to. What happens with Grandma, stays with Grandma :)

We went to Baltimore for New Years and got all dressed up for the occasion in the fashionable outfit Gaia's Mom sent us from Italy. Aren't we cute posing here with Pra-Babushka?

My favorite toy in Baltimore -- Uncle Leo's nose.

Breakfast at Babulya and Dedulya's was great fun.

I even got my own cup. Too bad they didn't put anything in it.

We were taking a bath and rolled right out of the diaper onto our tummy and then the media came to document this historic event.

Oh, and how could we forget... While Mommy was teaching her classes on saturdays in December, Daddy took me to Daddies and Babies class at Isis. Here are some Dads who want to get started on their children's early education REALLY early.

We are continuing to make progress with solid food and discovered Gerber's rice cereal. Mommy tried to give me that organic whole grain stuff at first. Brrrr! Too cardboardy.