Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our first playgroup and first day at work

[Sammy is the sleeping beauty in the front]

We just finished the 6 weeks of our first playgroup at Isis. It was probably more of a playgroup for me than Sammy. At 1-2 months, our babies were only old enough to nurse, poop, and sleep, but all the moms had a great time. We also learned a lot about how to take care of our babies and exchanged the tips we picked up over the first few months. Here are some pictures of our little group.

I also taught my first class this weekend. Things went surprisingly smoothly, so I guess I didn't have to panic that much. Babulya came to visit and took care of Sammy while I was shopping and making handouts on friday, and on saturday during class Sammy had whole 2 adults taking care of her (Babulya and Daddy). It reminded me of the Russian proverb "7 nannies have a kid without an eye," but since we had only 2 nannies, no harm came to Sammy.

We also took some good pictures this weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2007

2 Months

We were at Dr. Kerbel's office last Wednesday and Helen was worried about Samantha's growth after seeing nothing but huge babies in group the day earlier. Nothing to worry about. Samantha tipped the scale at 10 lbs. (still gaining about 1 oz/day) and measured 23.5 in., longer than the median girl her age. And all the fears of Samantha reacting to the four immunization shots were all for naught---I think I would have cried more!