Monday, July 23, 2007

Out and about

I think Samantha took after me in her inability to stay home and enjoy a quiet life. She is the calmest when we go on walks and little car trips (and so am I :)

This weekend was very eventful. On saturday we went on 3 outings! We started our day with a walk around Fresh Pond. Jason jogged around the pond, and then joined us for another 1-2 mile walk. I was excited to find a newly paved bike trail that's nice and smooth, but Samantha didn't like it -- she is a bumpy girl. So we first walked on an old woodsy trail that provided plenty of rocking to put her to sleep and then switched to the smooth trail where I could push the stroller without much difficulty.

The second outing was to Waltham. We stopped by Domenic's for lunch and had our usual -- panino tonno and panino melanzane (tuna and eggplant sandwiches). I think they are the best kept outdoor dining secret in Boston and on saturday it was nice and quiet without all the office crowds. That was Samantha's first lunch out. I can't wait for the day when she can taste those sandwiches! Since we were already in Waltham, we decided to stop by the farmer's market to pick up some veggies to bring to Katya and Tolya's BBQ. This was our first get together since their twin boys, Dima and Sasha, and our little girl Samantha were born. When I told my Mom about the plans for the BBQ, she laughed. "I can totally see how this is gonna go -- you and Katya will nurse and change diapers the whole time and Dima and Jason will grill and eat." To tell you the truth that's what I expected too, but it actually went much better than we could even imagine. When we arrived, Tolya was feeding the boys from the bottle and Samantha was sleeping, so Katya and I got to grill. Then all the adults got to eat in surprising peace. Samantha woke up just as I was finishing up and joined the eating crowd. It felt good to be with people as I was nursing her. I know that most Moms love this private time between them and their babies, but 8 hours of private time every day is a bit much for me. I am slowly learning how to breastfeed her in public so that we don't have to sit at home all the time. Jason did the honor of changing diapers, which he is becoming a real expert at.

As you can imagine the conversation revolved around babies. It was great to swap tips with parents who are going through the same stage as we are. Katya showed me how to swaddle Samantha correctly, which has been helping a great deal.

It was hard to believe, but we were actually less tired after 3 outings than after staying home all day.

Sunday morning was much harder. We had lots of home errands and Samantha was getting restless. We were also attempting to cut her fingernails for the first time with no success. We bought baby nail clippers, but neither one of us was used to using clippers because we use scissors on our own nails and she was squirming like crazy. We finally gave up and decided to wait until she falls asleep. The problem was that she can't fall asleep until we swaddle her, which makes finger nail trimming a bit difficult. That's when Zia Gaia came to the rescue. We went out for coffee, which put Samantha nicely to sleep in her stroller. When we got back, I left her in her car seat (which unclips from the stroller), and cut her finger nails with my regular manicure scissors. Then Gaia showed me how to file them to make them smooth (as you can see I am somewhat manicurely challenged). Samantha slept through the whole thing! Thus passed our first girls day out -- with coffee and manicure :)

Here she is sleeping. Her hair got all fussy and I thought she looked like baby Einstein. Either that or the Little Prince.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen! I was just catching up on all of the excitement your family had during the month of July. CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful daughter. The pictures are wonderful and you look are glowing! Enjoy your new roles as Mom and Dad.

All the best to you!
Ellen Steward

Anonymous said...

That gent with you and the baby, is that Peter O'Toole from Man of La Mancha?