Monday, July 30, 2007

Babulya i Dedulya came to visit

There is nothing better than being a Grandparent -- you get all the fun with no responsibility. My parents have been awaiting grandparenthood for so long that they could barely contain themselves when they walked through the door on July 26. Their excitement couldn't even be compared to a 5-year-old opening his Christmas gifts.

We all loved having Babulya i Dedulya visiting. Jason and I got hand-on lessons in baby care and got to take naps and relax for the first time since our bundle of joy was born. Sammy got cuddled and cooed and bathed and kissed and photographed non-stop. Her tushy rash got better because Babulya knew just what to do. I got way more sleep than usual because Babulya gave Sammy the middle-of-the-night bottle. Up until now, we didn't have a single picture of our whole little family because either I got to hold Sammy and Jason got to take a picture, or he got to hold Sammy and I got to take a picture. Babulya and Dedulya fixed all that. Here we are -- all 3 of us :)

We even got to go to our first restaurant. This sunday we got together with Gaia and Jerome and all 7 of us headed out to Blue Room for brunch. Sammy was simply amazing and didn't cry even once. She did have a 50 minute feeding right before we headed out, which probably helped, but still -- this kid was just perfect the whole time the Grandparents were here. Our waiter was Ron. We used to work together at Casablanca and when we started talking, it turned out that he just got married on 07/07/07 -- the same day when Sammy was born. There is something magical about that date. When Ron found out that this is Sammy's first trip to a real restaurant and that she was born on the same day as his anniversary, he brought us all little blueberry banana shakes -- complements of the house.

The last 4 days were so wonderful that we were getting really sad about Grandparents leaving. But luckily (or unluckily) their trip got extended because all flights from Boston to Baltimore were grounded this sunday night due to thunderstorms. The bad news was that my poor Mom couldn't be back in time to open her daycare today. The good news was that we got to see my parents for one more day. And I know they'll be back soon. Let's face it -- grandchildren are addictive!

More pictures from this week


Pyatachok said...

Spusibo Lenucya,

For wonderfull time in Boston and for such a high rating us as a greandparents :D. It was a joyfull visit and we hope to repite it again quite soon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Josh and Lara! I enjoyed reading about your experiences as new parents, you must be so proud.